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Edited at June 27, 2022


Red Jumpers On Guard of Your Team Quality

Red Jumpers is an agency that unites IT companies and helps them share their expertise, extend teams and find trusted contractors.

  1. Red Jumpers Services That Stand Out
  2. Benefits You Can Get From Red Jumper’s Cooperation
  3. Red Jumpers Results in Figures
  4. How to Start a Partnership with Red Jumpers?

Small companies risk losing the best clients because they lack technologies or expertise inside their teams. The skill gap in the IT sector is a common problem nowadays. According to the Skillsoft 2021 report, “76% of IT decision-makers experience critical skills gaps on their teams.” So, companies have to triple their efforts to attract talent unless they turn to agencies such as Red Jumpers. 

We’ve partnered up with over 700 companies for our clients to get access to a talent pool with diverse expertise and engage them in the projects quickly and smoothly.   

Red Jumpers Services That Stand Out 

IT communities aren’t a new thing. You can find public groups on social media platforms through which people share their experiences and maybe find partners. However, they are often poorly organized and don’t offer any guarantees of finding a reliable partner.

Red Jumpers agency isn’t a public group. We offer constant support for our clients and focus on a personal approach in cooperation to provide you with a win-win partnership. Here’s how we manage our members:

  • each company is thoroughly reviewed by our experts,
  • we check partners’ reputations on independent sources and ratings, 
  • we make acquaintance with the CEO of the company and discuss the details of cooperation.

Our goal is to ensure each partner is a reliable professional. Constant communication is a key to understanding companies’ needs to efficiently close the skill gaps. We never send massive requests to random companies. We focus on companies that are interested in the project and meet established requirements. Additionally, we let partners discuss terms of agreements directly with each other so they can build their relationships independently. Here are more examples of what we can do to help your business succeed: 

  • engage a team of experts even if your budget and terms are limited,
  • find a narrow specialist to complete your team,
  • find a company to perform a specific task, 
  • help your developers to avoid the bench and continue growing their expertise.

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Benefits You Can Get From Red Jumper’s Cooperation

Red Jumpers’ mascot is a squirrel. This little fluffy buddy inspires us with its energy and hard work. We believe a strong team, constant movement, and improvement are pillars of success. That’s why we supervise young IT companies, so they learn, develop and achieve results efficiently. Here are the benefits of working with us. 

Reliable cooperation 

Our partners go through a reliability check before joining Red Jumpers. We communicate with top managers of companies and check partners on Clutch, Good Firms, and customized rating systems. You don’t have to worry if the partner would break deadlines, violates terms and conditions or performs badly. We terminate cooperation with those who systematically violate the rules.

Strong team  

Have you ever lost your clients and income because your team lacks expertise in specific technologies? Red Jumpers can help you complete your team with relevant specialists that will cover specific tasks from your client. We filter developers by expertise and tech stack to fill the skill gap quickly. 

Profit from delegated tasks  

Imagine your client is asking for several entities such as a website, mobile app, and messenger bot. If you have no proper specialist for the task, you can delegate it to your partner. When you pass the task to the partner, you receive a fee. Your partner performs the task as if it was delivered by your team. That way you earn extra money and keep a client. 

Talent retention   

Your current project requires only half of your developers and others end up on the bench? 

If you don’t want your best talent to get poached by other employers, you can transfer them to your partners’ projects letting them work with a new tech stack, develop their skills, learn more, and bring additional value to you. 

You can also take developers on the bench from other partners, so you don’t need to slow down the process and break deadlines. It’s quicker than hiring new developers from outside. 

Personalized services  

We create an individual offer for your company. Our team picks projects that correspond with your niche and experience. Personal manager is always on the watch so you could ask questions and resolve issues in the blink of an eye. 

Last but not least, you become Red Jumpers’s partner free of charge. Our team includes the cost for our services in a price for a client when negotiating conditions and prices. 

Red Jumpers Results in Figures

Over 700 companies from Eastern Europe and Latin America became Red Jumper’s partners. Most of our clients are companies from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Norway, the United States, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland. 

Our talent pool has over 4,000 tech specialists with broad expertise, years of experience, and an extensive tech stack.  

We need from 24 to 48 hours to get you up and running. After a 30-minute initial interview, your request will be put in Red Jumpers’ app, and 24-48 hours from that you’ll receive your first partnership offers.  

We’ve got 5 stars on Clutch. Here’s what our customers and partners say about us. 


cooperation process

“Communication was seamless, and they exchanged feedback with the client regularly.”

 – Talentica, a staffing agency

“The quality of work is fantastic. Ease of communication, high-quality project selection, high-quality expertise in this field and technologies, prompt execution of deadlines.”

 – RemSoft.Dev, a software development company

customer reviews

How to Start a Partnership with Red Jumpers? 

We are open to any company that wants to join Red Jumpers. Primarily we cooperate with small companies (up to 500 employees) with at least 3 years of being on the market. However, if you’re smaller and want to join us, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try to find suitable options for both parties. 

Becoming a partner takes a few simple steps:

  1. Send a request.
  2. Tell us more about your company and expertise.
  3. Wait when we check your rep. 
  4. Get access to the project base. 
How to become our partner?

Ready to boost your company’s growth? Send a request and our team will get back to you shortly. 

June 27, 2022