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Edited at July 08, 2024

How to Find and Hire Perfect Magento Developers

How to

A Magento developer is a professional who develops and maintains online stores using the Magento platform. He or she has the web development, programming, and Magento skills to create and customize the functionality of e-commerce websites.

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for creating online stores. It offers a flexible and scalable content management system (CMS) and a wide range of features required for a successful online business. Magento allows developers to create interfaces, manage products, process orders, and integrate various payment systems and delivery modules.

Roles and Responsibilities of Magento Developers

Here are the key responsibilities of Magento developers:

  • Design, develop, and implement new features and functionality on Magento-based eCommerce websites.
  • Customize Magento themes and modules to meet specific business requirements.
  • Develop custom extensions and integrations with third-party services.
  • Work on the server-side of web applications to ensure seamless operation of the eCommerce site.
  • Implement secure and scalable code following best practices.
  • Implement front-end features using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other technologies.
  • Customize the Magento storefront to enhance user experience and interface.
  • Monitor and improve website performance, including load times and responsiveness.
  • Optimize code and database queries for better efficiency.
  • Implement caching strategies and content delivery networks (CDNs) to enhance speed.
  • Implement security best practices to protect the website from vulnerabilities and attacks.
  • Perform regular security audits and apply patches and updates as needed.
  • Develop APIs and web services to facilitate data exchange between Magento and other systems.
  • Ensure smooth operation of integrations and troubleshoot any issues.
  • Conduct thorough testing of the website to identify and fix bugs and issues.
  • Perform unit testing, integration testing, and performance testing.
  • Debug and resolve any technical problems that arise.

Magento developers ensure the development, maintenance, and enhancement of robust, secure, and efficient eCommerce websites that meet business objectives and provide a seamless UX.

What Are Magento Developers Salaries Worldwide?

Magento developer salaries vary significantly depending on the region, experience level, and industry. Here’s an overview of the average annual salaries for Magento developers in various regions worldwide.

Magento Certified DeveloperMagento Certified Frontend DeveloperMagento Certified Backend Developer
North America$72k-$120k$52k-$95k$76k-$130k
South America$20k-$55k$10k-45k$30k-65k

Where to Find a Magento Developer?

There are several ways to find and hire a Magento developer.

Finding a Full-Time Magento Developer

The most obvious way to strengthen your team is to hire a full-time Magento employee. If the expansion is planned, it’s not difficult to cope with the task: you can easily look for a specialist who fits your skills and values. 

Where to look for a Magento developer:

  • Jooble and other job sites. Such sites have disadvantages: the main one is that there are few senior and many junior Magento developers. 
  • Posting vacancies on the website and on social networks. In our experience, this is an effective way to find an employee. If we are looking for a person, we make sure to tell people about it in our media. People who have been following us for a long time and want to work with us in their profession quickly respond to such ads. In 70% of cases, we do without advertising vacancies. But what works for some may not work for others.
  • Hunting. We, like the entire digital industry, do not welcome this method. But it makes no sense to deny that it exists and is used. Hunting really helps to find Magento developers, though it does not quite ethically.

Magento specialists who came to you on their own or whom you found on job sites will stay with you for a long time. You can take an employee with little experience and grow him/her yourself. 

Finding a Temporary Magento Developer

A more effective way to quickly strengthen your team is to seek help from specialists who can be hired temporarily, such as freelancers or outstaff developers. 

How a Magento Freelancer Can Help

A freelancer is a specialist who walks on his own. As a rule, good Magento freelancers know their price: they are experienced, they are expensive, and they can afford to choose with whom to cooperate. For example, if a person is not interested in FinTech, and you make mobile banks, the Magento freelancer will not choose you.

With a young and less experienced freelancer, it is easier to agree. But you will need to take care of him or her twice as much. Not all Magento programmers who have recently started freelancing know how to organize time, assess tasks, and plan the workload. In order for the work to be done on time, a Magneto freelancer should have an accompanying manager or an HR who will help him.

Where to look for a Magento freelancer:

  • On freelance exchanges: Upwork, Fiverr.
  • In IT communities: Stack Overflow.

The Magento freelancer spends a limited amount of time with you. When you need him or her, this expert works for you. When you don’t need his or her services, he or she works for someone else, and you don’t pay.

How a Magento Augmented Developer Can Help

An augmented Magento developer is a person with enough skills and experience to work on commercial projects, offer his/her vision of product improvement, and become a full-fledged member of the team. By hiring an outstaff Magento developer, you get not just additional hands—you get a partner who will help develop the project.

The IT staff augmentation company is responsible for such a programmer. It will help you select a proven employee and handle all tax obligations and bureaucracy.

Outstaffing is a mutually beneficial arrangement. You’re looking for someone to temporarily work on a team because you have tasks to do but no free hands. The other team has free hands but no tasks for them to do.

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At Red Jumpers, they prioritize quality in every aspect of their work, from candidate selection to ongoing support, to ensure that you receive the highest level of service and achieve successful outcomes with your API development projects.


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July 08, 2024