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Edited at June 04, 2024

How to Find and Hire Perfect Kotlin Developers

How to

Ready to elevate your development team with top-tier Kotlin talent? In today’s competitive tech world, it’s crucial to hire skilled Kotlin developers for successful tech projects because they can write more efficient and reliable Android apps, leading to better performance and user experience. Our comprehensive guide is tailored to empower you with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the hiring process with confidence. 

Without further ado, let’s start.

Why Does Your Company Need Kotlin Developers?

Your company needs Kotlin developers for some pretty good reasons:

  • Kotlin is a modern, versatile language used for lots of stuff like making Android apps, websites, and server-side stuff. Hiring Kotlin devs means you can tackle all sorts of projects.
  • It plays nice with existing Java code, so if your company already uses Java, switching to Kotlin won’t be a headache.
  • Kotlin’s easy-to-read style and cool features help devs work faster and keep code tidy. Having Kotlin devs means getting things done quicker.
  • There’s a big community of Kotlin fans out there, with lots of support from companies like JetBrains and Google. Being part of this community means getting help when you need it and staying up-to-date on what’s hot.
  • Kotlin’s becoming more and more popular, so having Kotlin devs now sets your company up for success in the future.

Roles and Responsibilities of Kotlin Developers

Typically, the responsibilities of a Kotlin developer involve the following:

  • Develop and maintain Android and/or backend applications utilizing the Kotlin programming language.
  • Collaborate closely with fellow developers and project managers to ensure the timely delivery of projects.
  • Produce clean, well-documented, and efficient code in accordance with established standards.
  • Conduct thorough testing and debugging of software applications to ensure reliability and performance.
  • Participate actively in code reviews to uphold code quality and foster continuous improvement.
  • Stay abreast of emerging software technologies and frameworks to inform development practices and enhance project outcomes.
  • Communicate effectively with clients and project stakeholders to gather requirements, provide updates, and address concerns promptly.

How Popular Is Kotlin Programming and How Does This Influence the Hiring Process? 

Kotlin is one of the most used programming languages. While not as ubiquitous as Javascript or Python, it’s particularly strong in Android development, where over 60% of programmers use it. The language’s versatility has contributed to its popularity, extending from Android app development to web development, server-side programming, data science, and even desktop and native development.

Kotlin is known for being easy to read and write, which helps get stuff done faster. Plus, it works well with Java, so if you’re already using Java, it’s easy to switch over. It’s got great features like making sure your code doesn’t accidentally break and handling multiple tasks at once without getting all tangled up. And lots of big companies like Google and Netflix have started using it.

This translates to the hiring process, with companies actively seeking Kotlin developers for mobile roles. Overall, Kotlin offers a strong advantage for developers, especially those focused on mobile app creation.

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What Are Kotlin Developers Salaries Worldwide?

The rates for Kotlin developers can depend on several factors, including:

  • Their level of experience and expertise. More seasoned specialists command higher rates due to their advanced skill set and proven track record of successful projects. Also, developers with expertise in specific areas, such as Android app development, web development, or server-side programming, may ask for higher salaries due to their specialized knowledge and in-demand skills.
  • The complexity of the project. The scale of the application, technical challenges, specific requirements along tight deadlines may lead to higher rates to compensate for the accelerated pace of work.
  • Geographical location. The cost of living and average industry rates in different regions influence the salaries of Kotlin developers. For instance, developers in tech hubs like Silicon Valley or major European capitals might command higher rates compared to developers in other locations.
  • Market demand and trends. The current demand for Kotlin developers in specific industries or sectors impacts rates as well – high-demand industries may offer higher rates to attract top talent. Besides, rates can vary significantly based on emerging technologies or shifting industry needs.

Here’s a list of the most popular locations to hire Kotlin developers with the rates you should expect:

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Here’s how you can benefit from collaborating with Red Jumpers:

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  • You can reduce operational costs.
  • You can get talent from a worldwide network, including Eastern Europe and Latin America.
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  • You have the opportunity to directly contract with the software agencies providing the development team.

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Kotlin’s versatility, modern features, and strong community support make it an attractive choice for various development projects, particularly in Android app development. As Kotlin continues to gain popularity and influence in the tech industry, investing in Kotlin talent is essential for staying competitive and future-proofing your development capabilities.

Hiring Kotlin developers with Red Jumpers offers a strategic advantage, saving time, reducing costs, and ensuring access to top-tier talent. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your development team. 

June 04, 2024