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Edited at March 05, 2024

How to Find and Hire a Perfect Objective-C Developer

How to

Have you been struggling to find the right Objective-C developer for your project? With the ever-increasing demand for mobile app development, it can be challenging to find a developer who has the right skills and experience. But don’t worry, in this article, we will guide you through the process of finding and hiring a perfect Objective-C developer who can help you bring your app idea to life.

Why Does Your Company Need Objective-C Developers?

As the backbone of iOS app development, a skilled Objective-C developer can make or break your software aspirations. Their expertise is fundamental in crafting seamless and high-performance applications tailored for Apple devices. 

These developers bring a deep understanding of Apple’s ecosystem and coding intricacies, ensuring the creation of robust, user-friendly, and feature-rich iOS applications. Investing in Objective-C developers is not just a strategic move; it is a necessity for companies looking to deliver cutting-edge, reliable, and user-centric mobile solutions that resonate with the discerning Apple user base, which boasts over 1.46 billion people worldwide as of February 2024.

Roles and Responsibilities of Objective-C Developers

In general, Objective-C developers stand at the forefront of crafting exceptional iOS applications that deliver seamless user experiences. Their typical roles and responsibilities encompass the following:

  • Designing, developing, and maintaining iOS applications using Objective-C.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure a cohesive approach to application development.
  • Translating design concepts into functional user interfaces.
  • Implementing and optimizing app performance, addressing crucial aspects such as memory management, responsiveness, and other performance-related factors.
  • Identifying and troubleshooting technical issues to maintain app stability.
  • Learning continuously to stay abreast of iOS development trends, best practices, and emerging technologies to incorporate the latest advancements into the development process.
  • Working closely with UX/UI designers to achieve seamless integration of design and functionality.

How Popular Is Objective-C Development and How Does This Influence the Hiring Process?

Objective-C development has been a popular choice for developing software applications for Apple’s platforms for several decades. Despite the emergence of newer programming languages like Swift, Objective-C still remains a widely used language in the Apple development community. 

This popularity has a significant influence on the hiring process for businesses looking to hire Objective-C developers. In the face of a large pool of experts, the selection of the best talents becomes a crucial consideration for organizations looking to fortify their iOS development teams. Later in the article, you’ll learn how to hire a skilled Objective-C developer with proven expertise and experience and secure the success of your project.

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What Are Objective-C Developer Salaries Worldwide?

Objective-C developers are in high demand worldwide, and their salaries vary significantly depending on location and experience level. According to ZipRecruiter, the average Objective-C developer’s hourly rate across the US is almost $60 per hour. 

Among other popular locations to hire Objective-C developers, there are the following (with an annual salary range indicated):

  • Canada – $78,000 to $130,000
  • Germany – $51,000 to $108,000
  • Mexico –  $14,000 to $41,000
  • the UK – $44,000 to $106,000 (depending on the country)
  • Ukraine – $22,000 to $65,000
  • Poland – $21,000 to $64,000
  • Hungary – $20,000 and $61,000

Why Is Red Jumpers the Best Company to Help You Hire Objective-C Developers?

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Additionally, Red Jumpers offers a commitment to customer satisfaction, making them a reliable and trustworthy partner for your hiring needs. We provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure a smooth transition and integration of the hired Objective-C developer into your team. 

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We hope that the insights provided in this article will guide you in discovering and securing an Objective-C developer perfectly suited to meet your project requirements. Don’t forget that it is crucial to explicitly outline the desired level of proficiency, along with specifying requirements, qualifications, and the necessary level of experience for the ideal candidate. By establishing clear parameters, you enhance the likelihood of finding a developer who aligns seamlessly with your project goal.

March 05, 2024